Synopsis Of The Book 'Unbroken'

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“Unbroken” In this book, the main character Louie Zamperini goes through the struggles of life as a/an juvenile delinquent, Olympic runner, bombardier, survivor, captive, and prisoner of war. In the beginning of “Unbroken”, the main character Louie only about twelve starts with a description of how Louie got where he is. As the book, progresses it explains what Louie did as a child. Everything a juvenile delinquent does. He started smoking at the age of eight, started to drink at twelve, and started stealing at around fourteen. He only did these things to get attention, but when nobody gave him the attention he wanted he would do something else. He got into many fights, bad temper, which got him kicked out of school for a few days. As Louie grew up, he straightened himself. Pete his older brother was trying to get Louie into track. Louie eventually joined track, he set records in his school then…show more content…
Japan had joined the war with Hitler and his army. The Olympics then canceled, Louie was either going to be drafted or join the army. Therefore, he joined the Army Air Corps. He attended flight school and given his wings. His crew and he received a B-24 that would be their plane. Louie was ordered to fly to Palmyra. This was his last trip before he would crash. Louie and his crew hit the ocean. Only three survived the impact Louie, Phil, and Mac. They then found two life rafts but they only had a few supplies. Phil and Louie lasted on the raft for forty-seven days, give or take some. The Japanese then captured them. Even thought they had survived the raft they still had to survive the Japanese. After they were captured they were taken to the “death island” Kwajalein. They were then tortured and sent to Ofuna, a POW camp. They were then tortured some more. Especially by “the Bird”, a deranged man who only tortured the POW’s then was apologetic then tortured the
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