Me Before You Character Analysis

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Synopsis – Me Before You

The movie ‘Me Before You’ begins with the main character, Will Traynor being extremely happy with his girlfriend, Alicia. The story takes a downturn when he actually got hit by a motorcycle and end up being paralyzed from the neck down. Years later, he met Louisa also known as Lou, a nice and chatty young woman who was a waitress in a café that has been closed down. It started when she got a job interview later on and end up being Will’s helper to be with him all day until Nathan, Will’s nurse, gets back from other patients. Although Will treats Louisa very badly at a point that she even hated her job, she tries her best to bond with him. He eventually starts to open up to her and they get closer day by day.
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Definition: An ability to understand and share the feeling of another.

In the movie Me Before You, we can obviously see that Stephen Traynor agreed on William to go for Dignitas in Switzerland for assisted suicide. This is because Stephen Traynor can understand William’s feeling that how much frustrated and suffer in dealing his pain and being paralyzed.


Definition: Your expectation about yourself will influence your own behaviour. If you believe you can do something, then you will have the right mind set and stay positive in doing everything so that you are able to achieve whatever you want.

In the movie Me Before You, Louisa helped to support her family but she had just lost her job at a café. However, she did not give up. She tries to find a new job at a job centre. She believed that she can find a new job. In the end, she really got a new job that work as a caregiver of William who became paralyzed in a car accident two years ago.


Definition: You will always put yourself in others’ shoes before any decision being made or any action being taken and always think about others first before think about
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