Synopsis Of The Movie 'Me Before You'

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Synopsis – Me Before You The movie ‘Me Before You’ begins with the main character, Will Traynor being extremely happy with his girlfriend, Alicia. The story takes a downturn when he actually got hit by a motorcycle and end up being paralyzed from the neck down. Years later, he met Louisa also known as Lou, a nice and chatty young woman who was a waitress in a café that has been closed down. It started when she got a job interview later on and end up being Will’s helper to be with him all day until Nathan, Will’s nurse, gets back from other patients. Although Will treats Louisa very badly at a point that she even hated her job, she tries her best to bond with him. He eventually starts to open up to her and they get closer day by day. Eventually, Emilia finds out about Will’s plan to die via assisted suicide in Switzerland. He gave himself six months to reconsider his decision and this challenges Lou to make him change his mind. She brought him to places such as their outing to the horse races followed by a Mozart concert. During the last trip together, they had lots of fun and they are even sparks between them. Unfortunately, all this happiness is still not being able to change Will’s mind about his death plan. This broke Lou’s heart. However, after talking to Treena, Lou decided to go to Switzerland to be with Will for his assisted suicide. At the end of the movie, Lou is in a café in Paris, one of Will’s favorite places, reading a note from Will. In the note,

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