Synopsis: The Liberal Pirate

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1. Synopsis

1.1. Plot Outline

The Liberal Pirate follows the perspective of a young homosexual man, Robert who struggles to find acceptance amongst his peers due to his sexuality. One day, while Robert was at the beach, class bullies viciously force him into the sea. Robert, being unable to swim, starts drowning and screaming for help. He drifts into unconsciousness, to laughter echoing all around him.

When he wakes up, he finds himself on board a ship, Captain’s Revenge, with many seamen in eccentric and elaborate costumes. After much effort in trying to communicate with them, he realised with much consternation that he had somehow travelled back in time to 1695. The pirates, having seen him appear in the sea out of a flash of light, saved him out of curiosity.

As such, Robert’s journey with the pirates begins. Initially, Robert finds it difficult to adjust to seafaring life but he slowly learns the ropes after patient guidance from another sailor, James. After many close shaves with death on battles with merchant ships and warships, Robert slowly falls in love with James. He also finds friends amongst the pirates of different nationalities on the ship.

The film concludes when the Captain’s Revenge lands at Port Tortuga. The governor of
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This era is the period where most popular culture of today regarding piracy, draws its references from, sometimes inaccurately. Instead of romanticizing the life of pirates during this era, this film will depict certain historical notions of piracy that shows how attractive it was not just as a way to break out of poverty, but also as a social institution itself during the Golden Age of Piracy. The time travel between the two eras is meant to depict how advanced the pirate community during the Golden Age was, towards issues such as homosexuality and nationality, which many institutions in the modern era are still struggling to
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