Synoptic Summary Of The Wembley Stadium Project

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Synoptic Summary

The Wembley Stadium project by WNSL is defined as unsuccessful project that fails to perform on completion date and is an unpleasant event that cost large amount of money to the organization. A project is considered a failure “whenever a project does not meet the expectations of the stakeholders”. The cost and time overruns, quality degradation, inaccurate estimates, inexperience in project management, lack of change management, lack of risk management and many more.

The method of avoiding project failure, a project manager must have a number of skills to use during the project to guide the rest of the team to successfully complete all the objectives. As a project manager, I will select a new contractor and subcontractor at the initiation stage. The contract will offer for open bidding; all interested bidders reserves the right to compete with a lower bid. The contract should not be a fixed price as baseline. The selection will base on their previous experiences, estimated cost, scope of work and scheduled time. The construction proposal must meet our stakeholder’s expectations. Leadership skills and competencies have become necessary in harnessing the activities of the entire project stakeholders; as a result, this has led to conception of his leadership skills as an important aspect of project control (Barber and Warns, 2005). The contractor must have managerial competences which are communication, managing resources, empowerment and team leadership.
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