Semali Language In Cinema

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The concern of literacy debate in films in not only associated with authors but also bridges difference between classical and psycho-semiotic as well as modern and postmodern film theories. While conducting analysis, it is identified that film grammar is mainly divided into four aspects including frame, shot, scene and sequence. According to Semali and Asino (2013), language is just like a character of films or cinema and remarks that language is the ability of cinema to transcend perspective of nation. In the similar way Semali and Asino (2013) expressed that films are hieroglyphic language. All the film writers as well as literacy critics represents to have different opinions regarding literacy paradigm and film language. Semali and Asino…show more content…
According to Christian Metz, the analysis of cinema or films is related to art, which refers to the study of expressiveness, as effectively pointed that cinema is mainly a denotation process and represents to have specified language. The term language is only being presented metaphorically and without any association to ontological commitments to represents distinctive modes of cinema analysis as well as interpretations. This represents an extended tendency in terms of art to make usage of effective language elements to reflect the seriousness as well as rigor of a specific mode of in recognition or the extended status a certain form of art and genre. According to the known theorist of film Christian Metz, language terms are not specifically for the purpose of rhetorical embellishment (Larsson, 2014, p. 152). In consideration to the research analysis of Metz, it can be suggested that the main purpose behind linguistics of films is to quality specific film for the analysis of language semiotics, and the best way is to compare film to another language such as English that already qualified for such analysis approach. By means of such comparison it can be significantly demonstrated that the film language is just a mode of representation as well as transmission. It…show more content…
The genre of the film tends to be categorised on the basis of themes as well as topic around which the film revolves. At the same time, genre categorisation is also dependent on the mood, tone and format of films. In addition, other ways of characterising genres of films is associated with the target audiences and production type. Different types of film genres involve action, comedy, suspense, drama, cartoon, horror, musical, dance, history, war and others. Genres of films are further categorised into different subgenres such as drama films are further categorised into women, children, legal and romantic drama. Most common combination of genre is romantic and action comedy. In the similar way, the other genre combination is musical dance and dance romantic/drama films as well as horror comedy such as Evil dead. However, the genres are further classified on the basis of era such as modern and postmodern films. There is specifically vast difference between both, at the same time renders distinctive impacts on social and cultural practices of the society (Chutipanyabut,
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