Synthesis Essay About Bullying

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Approximately 160,000 students stay home each day, because they 're afraid of being bullied ( According to, students may be bullied because they 're popular, smart, lacking in self-esteem, and they might be good at what they do. Some other reasons are victims might have few friends, disabilities, different religion or culture belief, physical features, sexual orientation, and racial reasons. Students are bullied because they have high levels of insecurity, depression, anxiety, and/or low self-esteem. According to Source 3, a student might become a bully if someone else is bullying them or they have been bullied in the past. Bystanders are worse than bullies because they encourage the bully to continue,…show more content…
According to, laughing, cheering, and making comments can further stimulate the bully. By not doing anything, you tell the bully that their behavior is acceptable, according to Source 2. According to, about 25% of children encourage the bully. The children tend to be friends with the bully. Bystanders encourage the bully to continue what they 're…show more content…
According to, teens who witness bullying are more likely to take drugs and drink alcohol. People who witness bullying can also become traumatized, according to In, teens can also have anxiety from witnessing bullying. According to Dustin O 'Field, Vice Principal at BMS if the bystander doesn’t get involved in with the bullying, then the bystander will not face consequences. However, if the bystander does decide to get involved in the bullying, the bystander will face consequences. For the first offense, you will have a day of suspension. The second offense is ten days of suspension. If you have a third offense, there will be 10 days suspension and expulsion. There are consequences that bystanders can

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