Synthesis Essay: Creation Of A Monument

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Synthesis Essay A monument is a statue, building, or other structure built in order to honor a famous person or event. Monuments come in all different forms, they are important in which they help remind individuals about significant times in history. Society has different views on what should be considered when a group/agency is creating a memorial. For something to justify the creation of a monument, something important must take place in history. The person or remembrance must relate to a specific historical time and place. Source A compares monuments to holy sites or sacred events. They state that “In this way, the monumental core in Washington functions somewhat like a pilgrimage site, where communities of believers actually come together.”…show more content…
Source (F) contains information about a man who made money trapping Lobsters in Harpswell, Maine. This does not qualify for the making of a monument. According to the statement that monuments are supposed to resemble a historic person or place. Source (F) Does not prove to be anything that should actually be taken seriously. The monument was not admired. Stated in the source it says that “The statue was vandalized, repaired, and ended up in a warehouse where it was eaten by rats.” Comparing this source to source (G) you are able to see that source (F) was not credible and should not have been warranted a remembrance in the form of a monument. Source (G) contains information about the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.. This source shows that it supports the claim that monuments should be built for the purpose of remembering an important event or person in history. Source (G) originates from a credible source in the New York Review of Books. This opinionated source states that there is lots of planning and thought put into a monument before it is constructed. This identifies with the main idea of monuments being created for specific historic
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