Synthesis Essay: Definition Of A Monument

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A structure of greatness is what is classified as a monument. Something that captures the inner beauty of a mystical creation or a historic event that will live on. A monument serves a purpose that may be unknown by many, but goes on to educate the oblivious. A monument is a person, place, or thing that should be admired to its fullest respect because it or he has done something that should be remembered.
A monument is, in theory a giant stature. It is used to commemorate a historical figure, but what 's the deeper meaning? Explained in source A “The public monument speaks to a deep need for attachment that can be met only in a real place, where the imagined community actually materializes and the existence of the nation is confirmed in a simple and powerful way”(source A). This deeper understanding of what a monument
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It should hold the value of the thing or person it captures. H. Elory Johnson must be an exception to the rule that most people follow when someone is memorable enough to be engraved in stone. “ No one seemed to want the man and his lobster”(source F). To posses a monument should be an honor that is respected with the highest marrot, no matter how unimportant one man thinks it is. The monument was not only a statue of the man but represented Main aswell, this could also show the disrespect for the state he lived in. Along with the neglect the statute was given, it also got its unwanted attention. “The statue was vandalized, repaired, and then ended up in a warehouse where it was eaten by rats”(source F). Just because something has no value personally doesn 't mean that someone has to ruin it for other people. Having “fun” at someone else 's expense tells a lot about the true character of the individual which is revealed by the violated monument. This monument was also stored in a warehouse. Locked away from the outside world, left to oxidise in the darkness with no one. Well unless the feasting rats as
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