Synthesis Essay: Nomani's Fight For Equality

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Nomani traveled from all over the place as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal throughout her early years, when she was about 25. In addition to her work with The Wall Street Journal, Nomani wrote pieces for The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and She became a vocal advocate for women 's rights within the Muslim community. She also became a journalist for while staying in Karachi, Pakistan, during 9/11. Nomani fell in love with a man who would eventually become the father of her child while she was in Pakistan. Nomani said the man abandoned her after she told him that she was pregnant, and left because he did not want to take care of both of them As a mother in the Muslim faith with no husband, Nomani knew she would get criticized for being a single mother by her friends and family. When Nomani told her parents, her dad cried…show more content…
Nomani challenged a rule at her mosque in Morgantown, West Virginia, which required women to enter through a back door and pray on a segregated balcony. She was put on trial at her mosque, and banished. In response, Nomani and her father both wrote about the experience, and Asra became a lead organizer of a woman-led Muslim prayer in New York City. Nomani isn 't the only one campaigning to literally improve the position of women in Muslim houses of worship. One of Nomani most famous quotes is "Intolerance toward women is like the canary in the coal mine for intolerance toward other people," "When you allow sexism to go unchallenged, you allow bin Laden-type mentalities to go unchallenged. That 's why it 's so vital that the expression of Islam in the world be one that is completely affirming of women 's rights,” (Beiser, Vince, Asra Nomani). Nomani embarked upon a far more aggressive goal which was working with other activists to develop a whole new social movement within Islam. They wanted to develop a movement that respects the Koran but reads the Islamic law correctly and does not

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