Synthesis Essay On Bullying

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Bullying is taking over the world as we know it. Bullying is harmful physically and mentally whether you 're meaning for it to or not. According to, "When it comes to bullying, a lot of people blame the victim instead of the bully. For instance, some people think that victims of bullying bring it on themselves, that they cause the bullying in some way." Being a bystander is worse than being a bully because they had the opportunity to help someone, they could get in trouble, they encourage the bully, and they make the victim suffer even more pain. If you 're a bystander then you could 've saved someone 's life when you had the chance but you didn’t. Don’t be a bystander stand up against bullying. Being a bystander is extremely worse than being a bully. To begin with, being a bystander also can put guilt on yourself since you didn’t help the victim. For one the bystander didn’t help the victim when they were in need for it. According to Source 1, "Very often bystanders don’t know what to do. They 're afraid of retaliation or fear that their own group will exclude them for…show more content…
Finally, bystanders make the victim feel even more pain. The victim thinks that nobody cares enough to help them if they are being bullied. Also, they think that nobody cares if they live. They think this because if you 're just watching the bullying happen, that you don’t care about them enough to stop the bully. Victims often feel like they have no purpose. People are bullied for many reasons. Some of those reasons are that someone has a mental disability, problems at home, etc. According to, "Teens who come from abusive homes are more likely to bully than other children because aggression and violence are modeled for them. Likewise, kids with permissive or absent parents also may resort to bullying. It gives them a sense of power and control, which is lacking in their own life." Being a bystander makes the victim feel worthless or not needed

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