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Not many people know that an average military canine saves anywhere from 200 to 1800 lives over their lifespan. Canine companions are absolutely vital to military operations all over the world because they can see and smell things that we humans can not. "‘If one dog finds one explosive, he’s saved at least 150 lives,’ says Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Ekali Brooks.", an average bomb dog detects an average 20-25 bombs in their lifetime so that’s well over 2500 lives that are saved from having a explosive trained dog. Canines also play a huge role in the coast guard as well because they can be used for so many jobs and in such diverse environments, “When compared to mechanical methods of explosive detection, canines are the most reliable and real time defense against acts of terrorism,” said Lt. Craig Johnson, the canine explosive detection team program manager at Coast Guard Headquarters. “Their specialized capability to embark a vessel from small boats or helicopters makes them unique in DHS.”, this statement from the handler at the Coast Guard Headquarters help show that since dogs are much smaller than humans they can be used for so many more jobs. The Virginia state police
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According to Chris Tull, “The dog with the highest drive will always be the easiest to teach because they don’t have any bad habits that you have to break.” The easiest way to find a dog that suits your personality or the personality of the handler is to find a dog that has a special bond with you or the handler. Ritland says that the most common dogs are the dutch shepherd, belgian malinois, german shepherd, because they have the most drive as puppies and are more susceptible to change in training habits and

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