Synthesis Essay On Cherokee Removal

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Any day now we will be forced of our ancestral lands that we have inhabited for centuries, all do to a treaty that holds no grounds. Although the treaty may have been signed by who you call the Treaty party, these individuals hold no actually authority for the Cherokee. They were not appointed by any council and had no authority to make a treaty even if they thought that they were doing it for the good of the Cherokee nation. Likewise because the Treaty party had no real authority to sign a treaty and materials agreed upon by the Treaty party, so any agreements made between this party and the government should hold no legal binding. However, despite this fact the treaty was still ratified and now we are going to get forced out of our homes. This removal may not seem very important to anyway outside of the Cherokee nation because they do not understand the gravity of the situation. It is not as simple as simply moving. Even if we did move the task itself would prove to be too difficult for many of our elders and children, plus the trail westward has its own dangers. Even if we did forgo this, we still do not want to leave this land for it was given to us by our gods. It is our homeland and to leave it would be leaving somewhere we our protected for a foreign land where we have no idea what to expect. Say we did entertain the…show more content…
This is not true and should not even play a part in any decision made to the Native American population. Therefore, we should not be forced of our homeland because according to the doctrine of discovery, which states that any land discovered by a government subjects is the one who owns it. However, the Cherokee and Native American as a whole were here first and own the land. The United States government cannot simply take away from us what we own, but that being said does not mean we cannot live in peace with the United
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