Synthesis Essay On Native Tongue

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Synthesis Essay
The more educated nations are to appreciate their mother tongue, the less is the risk of losing their personalities and authentic voices. The process of obtaining an authentic voice starts in a very first moment one gets acquainted with the language and evolves throughout the whole life. This motion involves the generation of ideas and thoughts in the native tongue and using them in real-life situations. An assembly of creativity and education is a vital introduction in revealing one’s full potential in order to be on the true path of chasing goals. Therefore, the language, no matter oral or written, determines persons’ daily routine, represents one in public and develops their authentic voice.
Language is one of the key elements
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Now Gloria Anzaldua (1999) is a famous writer, but not always everything was smooth. In her early years, she constantly had a feeling of being an outsider, because of her nationality, Chicano. Additionally, people around Chicanos were too intolerant and rejected accepting one, somehow different from them. Chicanos were ashamed of their existence. However, they dismissed the idea of losing their national heritage, and they developed their culture and took it to a new level. Nowadays, there are many poems and songs in Chicano Spanish, which are about Mexican-emigrant-Chicano-history, their myths, and their life, they became more confident and independent. They understood that conformity would not solve their problem and changed their angle of looking, perceived it from another perspective, thus they stopped considering it as a problem. After this reevaluation, they became proud of their language. They could firmly stand and speak up about their fears, concerns and visions. They are not be afraid of criticism because they no more feel guilt for nothing. They are Chicano’s voice. Therefore, language and dignity are correlated, and a person cannot think of one without another, they cannot be separated. The same thing was with Luzzi’s (2014) father. He was an
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