Synthesis Essay On Daylight Saving

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The United States has used daylight saving time for about 100 years (Source A) in order to promote saving energy consumption (Source B). DST was first adopted after World War I, but then repealed a year later. Despite this, the US adopted a “war time” daylight saving time instituted during World War II. After this, many states adopted their own summer changes after the year-long shift had ended (Source A). In my mother’s sophomore year in college at Laurence Tech, she had a professor show up for class an hour late. The professor had not realized the time change, and wasted her students’ time. Today, the Department of Transportation (DOT) oversees all the time changes (Source A), including the DST change staring in March and ending in…show more content…
In the 1970’s, the DOT found the total electricity saved throughout the US was about one percent every day DST was in effect (Source B). The United States claimed this was a result of people having more time in the afternoon to travel by automobile, causing an increase in gasoline consumption, this increase, however isn’t offset by a decrease of energy usage in the morning. (Source C). I order to challenge the DOTs claim; the National Bureau of Economic Research conducted their own experiment. Paradoxical to the initial intent of the policy, “DST results in an overall increase in residential electricity demand,” (Source F). Another discovery explains how energy consumption levels are not consistent throughout the entire daylight saving period. Evidence reveals the need for energy is high in the spring transition, but the highest increase is in the fall. Consumption increase ranges from two to four percent, in the fall. An increasing demand for heating and cooling and decreasing demand for lighting are tradeoffs persistent with the new discovery (Source F).
Time is money. Therefore, I recommend daylight saving time should not be practiced in the United States. Modern evidence has shown that DST is not a productive use of our time. In addition to wasting time, daylight saving also puts civilized lives in danger. Compared to supporting information, such as lower crime rates, nonsupporting evidence is
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