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Did you know drones, an unmanned aircraft, can soon be delivering merchandise you have purchased online? An online company who goes by the name of Amazon soon wants to use drones to deliver packages within thirty minutes of anyone’s purchase (Source A). Drones are not being used for business exclusively though. In fact, the U.S. military have started to use drones to perform drones strikes in other countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Pakistan. In 2002, the CIA began to arm drones with missiles to shoot suspected terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq (Source A). However, even though drones bring a new way of warfare into America, much of the world disapprove the use of drones (Source G). In reality, drones benefit the country by how they provide more of a defensive approach to wars. Drone strikes can actually decimate terrorists networks which makes the United States safer altogether and secondly drones are more precise which indicate that they can take down a target and keep the people around the target safer. (Source J). Drones can decimate entire terrorists networks in the operator chooses to do so (Source J). When the U.S. started to use drones, these drones killed as many as 3,500 militants in the terrorist group as well as high-level commanders who organized plots against the U.S. (Source J). This is important to the safety of…show more content…
One of those consequences include people joining actions that are against the United States (Source K). People often join terrorists groups who are against the United States due to seeing their loved ones injured or killed because of drone attack (Source K). Now, al Qaeda in Yemen is rapidly spreading and merging due to rage at the U.S. counterterrorism policy (Source K). Two people who were nicknamed “Underwear Bomber” and the “Times Square Bomber” tried to set off bombs because their anger at the drone strikes conducted by the U.S. (Source

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