Synthesis Essay On Fast Food

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Most Americans in contemporary society run on an automatic default setting, not bothering to question what they attest to on an everyday basis. A monotonous routine sets in that transcends into future generations. In this current fast paced way of life it’s not difficult to fall into the trap of the unregulated food industry. The least of many concerns is to worry about a couple of unpronounceable words on the back of the cereal box one has for breakfast each morning. Many of these ingredients and their derivatives are unknown to the common shopper. Therefore, the food industry must be regulated in order to keep society aware of what they are consuming, allow for a decrease in the dependence of fast food, and to prevent and control current and future health issues tormenting the nation. From fast food to a fast workout, everything in American society is set…show more content…
An unnatural concept, but a notion that is now accepted as another norm of American life. Barbara Kingsolver speaks out about such issues in, Springing Forward. She mentions that there are no longer any real seasons in the American market. Everything that we purchased is now massed produced and genetically modified to appear as the produce we now have. Fruits and vegetables at a Grocery store are now uniformly the same color, shape, and taste (631). American consumers have become accustomed to this notion of uniformity, without realizing that what is purchased now is a “notion of a tomato, picked green, and ripened with ethylene gas,” as Robert Kenner expresses in the documentary, Food Inc. There is a common denial forged between what is known and what one chooses not to know about what is being consumed. In order to make an informed decision society must first be given the option by being provided with the right
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