Synthesis Essay On Gun Violence

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1. What was Studied? Reducing gun violence through a program that was formed in the late 1900s as this was seen as a new and innovative way into trying to reduce crime. Gun violence got to a point where action was needed to be taken and the consent to search initiative was introduced in a bid to reduce gun violence. What was studied is that if by taking away guns would the streets be safer for everybody concerned. 2. Who was Studied? by what the research is stating is that this was targeted mainly towards younger people and to see if taking away guns from the younger generation would make a difference. In this study, they implemented the consent and search initiative that was put in place to try and cut down on gun violence. The idea was to see if gun…show more content…
Discussion- This article has given insight into what is going on around the world as this article shows us how gun violence has played a huge role in the world we live in today. The problems that this initiative had was that the ability to be allowed to do consent to search made it hard for officers to abide to others rights. This did solve problems in the beginning as this did reduce gun violence however as this did lower gun violence people felt that this infringed on our first amendment rights. The partnerships that would have made this initiative much more successful would be the help of those in the community as this could put awareness towards the potential crime that is going on. A program like this could be instituted today however it would need to be edited as the key concepts of this idea is ideal however the idea of being able to search those based solely off of your own discretion is not the way to go about it. The best way to try and institute the same kind of problem that was implemented in the 90s is to take away the ability to search just anybody as this can infringe on the rights of citizens. There needs to be a new indicator to suggest that somebody is guilty of committing a potential
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