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Cheating, plagiarizing, and taking credit for another’s work is usually frowned upon, but the honor code was created to prevent these acts from occurring. Honor codes are different from school to school and are commonly not followed. The honor system was created to convey that when you lie about accomplishing something yourself, you will be penalized for it. Honor code systems should be revised because of the lack of student involvement, the lack of confidentiality, and the burdensome consequences. To begin with, student involvement plays a huge role on campuses. It allows the student body to be fully aware of what rules are being enforced. Source C states that honor codes that allow students to have a role in are more effective. This is due to the collaboration between the students and the campus staff which allows each party to come to an agreement on how the dilemma of cheating, plagiarizing, etc. should be handled. Source F claims, “colleges where...students play little or no role in promoting academic integrity or adjudicating suspected incidents of cheating.” Since the students do not fully understand the purpose…show more content…
It is something that can hardly impact others, but can greatly impact the person committing the act. Although many people believe that students in college or high school are old enough to be treated like adults and should know better, they restrict them with the honor code which demeans them and expects the worse from them. If they should be treated like adults, is it not fair to trust them to not cheat or plagiarize like one would trust any other adult not taking an exam or completing a paper? By involving the students, promising privacy, and coming to a consensus with ways to effectively inflict discipline, the honor code will not be a set of rules that the students will have to follow, but will, instead, instill a sense of unity between the student body and staff and achieve

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