Synthesis Essay On Honor Codes

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Modern society uses morals to fuel the decisions of daily life. These moral standards set society apart from the uncivilized creatures of the past. Yet the people of the modern day think if a moral does not directly “hurt” another individual, it’s not imperative for them to fallow. Due to this lack of compliance schools set up honor codes, protecting individuals who are targets of these heinous acts, and punishing the offenders. Without an honor code in place, a school cannot take justice for the individuals at fault. Honor codes, with careful consideration of rules and boundaries can govern schools, advancing students and making society a better place. Every year, thousands of students across the globe are punished for breaking an honor code. A study done by a public university showed that 42% of individuals knew the sanctions that can occur (Source E).Even students at the University of Virginia, a university known for honor, have been caught cheating, with hundreds more under investigation with expulsion as the punishment. (Source D) Yet students still choose to break these sanctioned rules, on the premise of not being caught, or simply not having a say in the creation of these rules. Rules forced upon a society lead to rebellion, a simple fact of history, and the basis of the creation of our country. In order to …show more content…

With revisions to allow students and staff to have more say in the code, and through a pledge of honor the code could run more effectively in schools. Until this can happen a code cannot be forced upon people who have no say in the content. With these revisions I believe an honor code could be effective to prevent most students from cheating by raising their moral standards for their school and for themselves. By obtaining these standards schools will be able to advance out of the past creating a brighter future for the people of the

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