Synthesis Essay On Media Violence

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Violence is becoming our part of living. As the day passes by, parents let their children watching internet videos and playing video games thinking that it is ok for them. But what they do not realize that the kids who are watching violent videos, is unhealthy for them. Children who play games or watch fantasy videos are more likely to risk their lives in the real world. Thinking that copying what they see in the videos, is ok doing it in the real world. The best way to keep kids safe is by censoring violence in the media. One of the problems of violence in the media is that kids who watched anything from the tv, tend to mimic what they see on the screen. In the article “Is Media Violence damaging to kids?” Emmons states that a 3-year…show more content…
Studies have shown that kids who play video games, have depression or anxiety and can get worse over time. “...a child who’s already experiencing depression or anxiety, the study’s authors suggests gaming can also increase those problems”(Source D). Therefore, it could damage the kids emotionally and may lead to mental illness if kids are not being under adult supervision. There will be people who will say that watching/playing violent video games will not hurt or provoke any misbehavior and that the studies that doctors have token, is just false statement. Kids cannot comprehend which one real and which one is not this mostly ages 3-6. In the the 1st amendment, its states that they will make no law for the freedom of speech or whatever you make in the media. The 1st amendment is letting everything being displayed in the media without censoring the tragic events for the kids. The media should be censored due to the horrifying events that is happening in the public.Without censoring media, kids would suffer more with their depression and wouldn’t be more aggressive to their parents and it is unhealthy for them. It would be more easier and more healthier for the kids to watch content that is less violent for
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