Synthesis Essay On Off Campus Cyberbullying

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Schools have been evaluated by different organizations on whether or not they should be involved in off-campus cyberbullying. Some believe that they can be involved in off-campus to stop suicide or emotional distress and to stop them from putting the victim through lots of pain. Others believe that schools shouldn’t intervene in cyberbullying outside of schools because it affects their right to the first amendment which is “The freedom of speech”. Cyberbullying should be taken into the hands of the school if it happens off-campus because if nothing happens then it can get a child hurt or even killed. Students who are targeted by cyberbullies have no way to escape from the attackers brutality, who can drive the victim to suicide or self harm. Schools should be involved in off-campus cyberbullying because it can lead a child to suicide or get…show more content…
Some people may say that cyberbullying outside of school is not the schools problem and can violate some rights. In Source B, the source was about how schools had no authority to discipline a child for harassment off-campus. The constitution states that, “Congress should make no aww.. Abridging the freedom of speech” which states that they cannot punish you for something that is in the constitution. Courts ruled that a school could not discipline a student for inappropiate off-campus student speech.(Source B) It also states that some students and parents have successfully argued that cyberbullies violated civil or criminal laws by inflicting a hate crime. Agirl at ohio high school sent nude photos to her Boyfriend and he sent them out. (Source E) After graduation she had committed suicide and the parents filed for a lawsuit against the school for not doing enough to protect her. If there actions were to reoccurr it would put officials to prevent sexual harassment, which would put the schools under liability for all the
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