Reaction Paper About Zootopia

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Byron Howard and Rich Moore’s 2016 film, Zootopia, got a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.1 on IMDb and was overall a great film. Although this film was an action-packed, adventure, crime film it appears to have different levels of complexity. The movie actually shows stereotyping, racism, judgement, and many more. “Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover.” “Looks can be deceiving.” Even though we have heard these phrases as a kid they never really stuck in our minds like they were meant to, but this movie shows that we should really be listening to them. Zootopia shows you that even a prey can be a predator because things are not always what they seem. The theme is shown right away in just the first few minutes of the film when Judy’s parents tell her that bunnies are not police officers and she should become a carrot farmer like them because it is safer. This is already unacceptable, parents are the people…show more content…
In the film’s case it means if you are a bunny all you can be is a bunny, the same if you were an elephant, fox, tiger, and etcetera. To real people it would be almost like saying if you are blonde you will never be smart, you cannot change the nature of you hair that will grow blonde, so that is all you can be and will ever be. You can dye your hair to change the color of your hair that you have but it will always grow back blonde, just like in the movie if you are a mouse wanting to be an elephant you can put on a suit which changes what they see but you cannot change that you are, in fact, a mouse. That in itself is a big
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