Synthesis Essay: Should College Be Paid?

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For generations there has been escalating problems on the rising costs for the college education,problems that are still taking place to this day.College is another step of education that many prefer but because of the economic problems, few attend.However,there are many ways to pay for college in this present age.College can be paid through scholarships,federal student loans and private student loans.This essay will illustrate the many ways that can solve the worlwide problem.
Scholarships are highly benefecial to a low income audience..Many believe that you must have excellent academic skills to obtain one,but on the contrary that is quite wrong.There are many others ways to gain a scholarship.The text depicts,”For a student adept...calling ducks or just being tall (over 5’10)”(Source 1).So the text proves that academic skills are not the only things that can give you scholarships.Also,there are grants that provide you with sufficient income to pursue a college career.The text implies,”The money you receive will go directly towards the cost of college and you do not have it back…” (Source
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