Synthesis Essay: The Influence Of Media On Women

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Synthesis Essay: Influence of Media on Women I believe that media does have a positive effect on women, but the role models and ideals that media portrays are not realistic or achievable. Because media has such a large influence on everyday life, it holds an equally large sway over us. When the protagonist of a tv show acts a certain way in a particular situation, we are more likely to imitate such actions if we find ourselves in similar circumstances(Abrams).This constant influence of seemingly flawless characters has made us forget that such role models are supposed to be examples on how to live or act, not the sole authority that so many treat them as today. One such role that has been distorted is that of a mother: mothers must know and memorize every event from birthdays to band recitals, ensure the house is clean, the meals prepared, the chores completed, the children happy, all simultaneously and with no mistakes. I highly doubt there has been a single mother on the face of the earth who has lived up to such standards, though many have certainly tried. By current standards, mothers of previous generations have been lacking-neglectful even-but the basic duties of a mother, to insure the safety and happiness of her children, have remained the same(Source B).…show more content…
In the past popular role models were the saints, or family members, those prized for their wisdom and chastity. Over time beauty became a more prominent trait in role models for women, as shown with movie stars, celebrities, and beauty pageants. Today, while the earlier role models are still there and still inspiring countless, many new modern role models have appeared; women who have become elected government officials, CEOs or owners of large companies, philanthropists and doctors, the kind of women girls around the world look at and want to be when they grow up(Source

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