Synthesis Essay: The Role Of High School Sports

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The role of high school sports

What if sports were not a part of your high school experience? For over centuries sports have played a major role in high schools, to the point where many believe it is a necessity. Sports bring school spirit into students, every Friday; you can feel the energy of the crowd cheering for their team on the stands. Sports bring nothing but a positive impact into an athlete’s life; participation in sports keeps athletes out of trouble, prepares them for the work world, and helps improves their academic achievement. High school sports keep student athletes out of trouble. Unfortunately no one can control a teenager, but what if you kept him/her busy? Sports keep teens busy depriving them from gangs, violence, and drugs. Source one an evaluation of student athletes supports this saying that “During the first year of the program students were found to be less likely to transfer schools or be engaged in violent crime.” Clearly the overload of school work and sports eliminate possibilities of
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Source 5 supports this “there is a significant correlation between high school sports participation and higher rates of academic achievement.” This means that being in sports affects a student’s academic achievement in a positive manner, also showing that there is a sense of responsibility involved. Another piece of evidence says “this strong and positive relationship appears to hold for a whole range of educational outcomes ranging from good grades and better test scores to higher graduation rates.” Not only does the strong relationship show that students are having better grades it also shows that there is a higher possibility of the athletes being successful throughout life. Ultimately the strong positive relationship between sports and academic achievement brings better test scores and higher graduation rates resulting in higher possibilities for

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