Synthesis Essay: The Solano County Tea Party

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The Solano County Tea Party is known to have essay contests where students who respond to a prompt have a chance to earn half a thousand dollars. This year’s essay contest prompt was about the Separation of Powers and its importance today in our society. In addition to talking about the Separation of Powers itself and its definition, you also have to use modern day examples showing its importance. And it all has to be within 500 words. For something as urgent and controversial as this, 500 words is not enough to express this. 500 words is like a cap, a limit placed on those who are exceptional writers. For someone like me who likes to make very detailed and over-the-top-and-around-the-corner sentences, this limit is like a metal ball and…show more content…
That’s the challenge of it!”. I do not see a challenge in taking such a big issue and condensing it into a four paragraph essay. I see nothing but frustration and annoyance. And it’s exactly how I felt when taking part of this essay. It feels like the big $500 check is there to only serve as incentive for going through such a horrid process. If there was no check, I bet no one would even try to do this essay unless they wanted bragging rights to show their friends. It might as well should be the point of it. It’s not to reward those who are or have become politically smart, it’s a singular point to encourage people to try at all. With the submitted, final paper, I felt that I didn’t even have to try at all! For such skilled writers as I, it was easy in the long term, but for the short term it was hard and filled me with such rage and hatred that I had to output my emotions into this article. For something as monumental as this, for a topic as dire as this, 500 words is not enough. A more suitable amount would be 1000, or at the very least 750. 750 would give enough to elaborate on the issue and how our society now should still care. Besides, anything opinionated regarding the Constitution is bound to spread around, especially others of your own, or similar, political
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