Synthesis Essay: Welfare Keeps America Alive

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Welfare Keeps America Alive Public assistance, or welfare, defines itself as a public or private social service aimed towards assisting those who are inclined to be more disadvantaged than the general population. Public assistance helps these disadvantaged by providing a minimal but steady income from organizations, such as the TANF (temporary assistance for needy families) or the SSI (supplemental security income).These organizations help the struggling to regain their previous successes thus, creating a better stabilized economy. Public assistance is needed due to the increasing poverty rates in the United States caused by unemployment and physical disabilities. A common misconception made about welfare is that anyone who applies for the assistance automatically becomes a recipient. This is definitely not the case, public assistance is only given to those who are in desperate need of help. This is able to be controlled by the current welfare model which looks into who applies for and receives public assistance ensuring…show more content…
However, individually, people do not make profit while being assisted by welfare, the needy are simply being supported for a short period of time and according to their current income rates. Source A says " People received an average of $404 a month in food stamps, SSI benefits, TANF, or general assistance.” (Source A). With this information one might think that this is a large sum of money to receive monthly, but when you have no other source of income how are you able to live a healthy and stable life… you cannot. Source A also explains that, “Those who qualified for SSI (which primarily supports people who are disabled and can’t work) received the most on average — $698 per month.” (Source A). This further shows that the given money is a short term action and is shared with those
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