Synthesis Essay: What Are Honor Codes In School?

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An honor code is often assumed to turn peers against one another, but honor codes are actually a set of rules or principles that are intended to cultivate integrity and honesty. Contrary to popular belief, an honor code is beneficial in schools and colleges. An honor code is something every high school and college, including mine, should establish and maintain. My school currently has an integrity code, which is not student enforced and an honor code would be a much better option. Honor codes may turn peers against each other, but this happens every day in the real world, so why try to hide it in school? Honor codes, also can devise prestige within a school or university, through creating an honest and diligent working environment. Honesty…show more content…
Also, if there was a way to get the first option would you take it? An honor code would give every student the opportunity. The integrity code my school has now, does not add peer pressure to students. An honor code can impact a culture greatly. An honor code would make cheating socially unacceptable (Source F). An honor code run by students are very effective, students are less likely to cheat at schools with student enforced honor codes, because of the culture they create. The success of an honor code, depends on expectations that students have of their peers’ behavior (Source C). Students will cheat less if they will be deemed socially unacceptable or lacking integrity. Honor Codes will prevent cheating and every school and university should have one. An honor code would enforce rules, maintain students integrity, and cultivate honesty. An honor code is beneficial and should be something every school should have. My school would benefit from having an honor code instead of an integrity code. An honor code benefits students in the long run by forcing students to be honest and work hard in school. These are crucial things to have in one’s life and this makes an honor code

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