Synthesis Question: Political Language Is The Basis Of All Human Communication

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Sophie Hannah February 27, 2017 Period 2 Synthesis Question: Political Language Language is the basis of all human communication. We act as a result of processing information, which we can only do by using language. The language we hear and use in our everyday lives influences us and helps to shape each of our opinions. If the language we hear and read is corrupt and misleading, it will corrupt and mislead our thought processes.Language with good intent should be supported, but any language whose intent is to hide the truth and confuse people should be minimized or controlled. Language is used in many different ways in today’s world, with two examples being PC and political language. Both of these styles of speech are used to change the original word choice. PC language, also known as politically correct language, revolves around trying not to offend any group in society. It is a censorship of possibly offensive words or language that could disadvantage any group of people in society. People who employ this take out insults and slurs that are used to exclude others-like changing words such as retarded to mentally disabled-to get their point across. They are trying to accept and respect those different from themselves, also known as tolerance. “It’s about attempting to understand people who are radically different from you, and saying to them you want their voice in the process” (Coates, Ta-Nehisi) and even if you mess up or are uncomfortable, they respect people for
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