Synthetic Caffeine Research Paper

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Examining a product label is the only way to tell if that food item is synthetic or not. If the label states caffeine in the ingredient section, it contains synthetic caffeine. Synthetic caffeine is a chemical that is pumped into soft drinks (soda), energy drinks (Red Bull), and in energy shots (Five Hour Energy). Partaking in too much of synthetic caffeine can result in caffeine intoxication. Symptoms could be characterized by nervousness, excitement, increased urination, flushed face, insomnia, cold hands and feet, intestinal complaints, hallucinations, and even death in an overdosed state. These are some of the same side effects that drugs have on the body. Drugs have a satisfying feeling on the body, like synthetic caffeine, but when overdosed,…show more content…
One of the substances that is monitored when Olympic athletes get their routine drug test is caffeine. It was so potent that they had to ban it during the 1970s. Caffeine has been on and off the banned list for about 30 years. Too much caffeine ingested was classified as a violation under International Olympic Committee rules from 1980-2003 (McClusky 45). In 1972, two Olympic athletes were stripped of their medals because of ingesting too much caffeine. Alex Watson was even prohibited from the Olympics in 1988. In Sports Science, caffeine is considered a performance enhancer and the argument people have used is that it can give athletes an unfair edge. In reality, coffee does not contain too much energy of its own. It actually just releases some of the body 's reserves of energy, which makes people feel like they have more energy. Feeling suddenly energized is the ideal feeling but then the crash comes after all that energy is spent. For example, it is like feeling temporally rich because of raiding a savings account. It feels good at that moment, but when there is no money left, it hits hard. Caffeine for athletes is a good idea when all the right elements are present. The body needs carbs and protein to be able to function well with caffeine. It was soon taken off the banned list because when it comes to overdosing on caffeine, it has little effect. Only so much caffeine can effect a person 's body in relation to physical fulfillment. Taking more does not give someone extended energy, so it does not result in a larger benefit. The amount of energy that can be extracted from caffeine or coffee varies on the type, how much it is used, and how it is brewed
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