Essay On Synthetic Organic Molecules

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Synthetic Organic Chemicals

Name: Nabil Al Shanteer
Grade: 9A
Teacher’s Name: Bader Al Saidi

Research Question: To what extent do humans depend on synthetic organic chemicals / molecules?

Introduction Synthetic organic chemicals are any man made substances containing carbon atoms. Carbon is important for this because it is what makes an organic compound organic. For this essay, I will be explaining and evaluating the molecule polyethylene that is a type of polymer, which is a synthetic organic chemical. Polyethylene is a very well-known plastic, possibly even the most famous kind, where about eighty million tones are produced annually. Its abbreviation is recognized as (PE), and its chemical formula is (C2H2) n. The higher the density for polyethylene, the higher the melting point (average PE molecule has a melting ranging from 120-180 degrees Celsius).

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Surface energy is known to have affected many problems and issues in our common world,
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As we know, polyethylene can be turned into various different shapes with different functions. We stated HDPE pipelines, but another example would be polyethylene plastic boards. Anyways, one of which is a great disadvantage to HDPE is its flammability. In very rare occasions will HDPE ever set on fire, but if it does, then a catastrophe is very much expected. HDPE being set on fire means that if not extinguished on time, there is a high chance of it to melt, causing huge leaks in the drains (or wherever the pipes are) and eventually, toxic gases will emit from those flames intoxicating any living thing around the smell. It is very lethal and could cause the firefighters to be called but the chances of it happening are extremely slim to the point where only a few hundred houses in America have ever had this problem occurred to them out of a thousand HDPE users in a

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