Syrian Refugees In Ottawa Essay

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SYRIAN FAMILIES- Daniel 801 Syria’s population is 90% Muslim and 10% Christian. The majority of Canadian Muslims live in the province of Ontario. Ottawa has many Muslim and Syrian people in it, along with a plethora of different nationalities such as Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, African and many more. Multiple different types of religion are also practiced in Ottawa such as Hindu, Buddhism and Sikh. Ottawa has approximately 180 Syrian refugees already settled and plan to welcome as many as two thousand more. There are several Mosques so the Syrian family will have plenty of areas to choose from to practice their religion. They will find comfort in being surrounded by the familiarity of other Syrians and Muslims. A Syrian refugee family…show more content…
The crime rate seems to be going down each year and fell to 11% in 2013. Ottawa has extremely low numbers of homicides and attempted murders, but has higher numbers of sexual assault. There is some gun violence but it is not a safety concern. Drugs are not a drastic issue in Ottawa either. There are some- as to be expected- but overall a very clean city. The city has an average amount of DUI offences. Overall, Ottawa is a very family friendly and a safe city to live in. Although the Syrian family will not be purchasing a car for a period of time, they will easily be able to get around the city. The home they are being placed in- 387 Rolling Meadow Crescent-has good accessibility to public transit. The Rolling Meadows bus stop is calculated to be 150 meters away from their home, as well as many rapid transit bus routes and light-rail transit trains within 10 kilometers can take them throughout the city. The school the children will be placed in has bus transportation to and from school. If for some reason the children miss the bus, the school is within 5 kilometers of their home. If necessary, the children could be picked up by a babysitter or walk home. Therefore, the Syrian family shouldn’t have any issues in regards to

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