Syrian Refugees Persuasive Essay

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A holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale. The most famous holocaust

was from January 30, 1933 - May 8, 1945. It took place in Germany where Hitler the leader of the

Nazi party arranged that all Jewish people were to be gathered and taken to concentration

camps where most of them were killed in various ways by gas chamber, the

crematorium,starvation, or by being shot. By the end of the Holocaust the total of dead people

compiled to about 6,000,000 jews who were killed. A similar situation is happening right not

necessarily as violent as the Holocaust in Germany but Syrian refugees are trying to get

admittance to neighboring countries and the United States. Some of the neighboring countries

have accepted many refugees
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All in all, America needs to have a voice in what is going in the world instead of staying silent

and ignoring peoples obvious cries for help. Syrian refugees are in a constant state of panic as

were the jews and America ignored them until it was almost too late are we going to let millions

of people die because we’re too scared and afraid that they may members of ISIS most of the

refugees are Children who are trying to find safety. Many of those children don’t have their

parents and are orphans and we’re going to let them suffer all alone because we are too

ignorant to accept them into America. How many times does this have to happen for America to

open their eyes to how their ingorance affects other peoples lives. During the Holocaust we

ignored the Jews and their plead for help and millions of innocent people died. Many of them

could’ve survived if the U.S allowed Jewish refugees into America but we denied them asylum

and most of them died horribly. So if America doesn’t want history to repeat itself then they will

be more open to accepting Syrian refugees who just want to live in a war free zone. Will the U.S

grant them that freedom of war? Well, that’s for America to
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