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The food industry in the United States is an over $5 trillion industry. To be able to provide food for various businesses and grocery stores, warehouses must have a lean operation resulting in efficient services and reduced costs. Due to the volume of food that enters and exits the warehouse, the traffic of the delivery trucks must be controlled effectively. At Sysco Foods, they utilize a delivery truck scheduling software that is both outdated and inefficient resulting in human errors, inaccurate inbound information, and excessive man-hours spent on scheduling and labor. According to Master (2015), the global supply chain has been slow to adopting new technologies and processes negatively affecting their supply chains from end to end.…show more content…
The top three vendors that are known to provide these services are SAP, Manhattan, and One Network.
According to Forbes, SAP is a multi-billion dollar global company valued at $119.7 billion that provides various software solutions for a variety of industries. The scheduling software they provide for warehouses is an operator driven software with a user-friendly interface. The scheduling software also integrates with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) software. The SAP WMS tracks incoming and outgoing product from the warehouse, provides availability of product for their customers, and improves Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries. Some of the customers that use SAP are ConAgra, Burger King, and BMW.
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Manhattan Associates provides automated scheduling software integrated with their WMS to ensure efficient operations from inbound processes to outbound deliveries. The automated scheduling is initialized by the delivery carrier company. The delivery carrier company would request a certain date, time, and product information and the software would assign a door associated with the information provided. The software accomplishes this by utilizing a set of rules and guidelines incorporated by Manhattan Associates. United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) is one of the customers that utilize Manhattan Associate’s software for their operational needs.
One Network Enterprises. One Network Enterprises is the smaller company out of the three vendors with an estimated annual revenue of $40 million. They provide cloud-based warehousing solutions for medium to large companies. Their scheduling software is also automated which eliminates the need for a physical operator. Although they do not offer a WMS, their software integrates with a client’s current WMS. The customers that utilize One Network Enterprises cloud-based software are Safeway, Kroger, and Lowes.
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