Sysco Mission Statement Analysis

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Does the Web page of Sysco Corporation reflect its Mission Statement?

In my essay assignment, I have chosen the Sysco Corporation. According to the Sysco Corporation base on its Internet Web Page, “”, its Mission Statement stipulates that its goal is the selling and bringing to customers great products with exceptional services, counting its customers as the most valued partner. As per the Mission and Vision Statement, “Mission: “To market and deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service”. Vision: “To be our customers' most valued and trusted business partner”. Since mission statements do not ordinarily say how companies execute their mission, Sysco Corp ought not to be viewed on different
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More than $1 billion was invested in 2014. This is an increase that has quadrupled, in the first quarter of 2015, a recorded half billion dollars was invested into this industry making it one of the most competitive industry, (Crunch Network). That Sysco contributes such significant portion in terms of its dollar amount of the industry speak volume to its mission statement.

Similarly, its statement on forging partnerships with customers is credible. Base on its webpage, Sysco overseas and or ensures where its foods come from. It upholds the principle of sustainability by minimizing its carbon footprint. Although it does not guarantee safe foods and high standards, it collaborates with various partners, to include ranchers, processors, food service peers and what it calls influencers, and researchers including non-profit organization to ensure reliable food supply to
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This program it describes as “Our Approach”, Hunger Relief, Education and Agricultural and Environment Sustainability” support the Mission/Vision statement of forming partnerships with customers. Though not will much elaboration, it says it observes ethical practices as it relates to mutual relationships with associates, customers, suppliers, customers and shareholders alike. It also gets involve in public discourse on public policy it says as an effort to protect its shareholders.

With these actions in mind, I do agree that the Mission and Vision Statement issued by Sysco Corporation is supported by its business policy practices and as a matter of doing business serving the wider community providing essential services in a robust economy of scale as it expands in an ever expanding
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