Systems Dynamic Overview: The Nursing Shortage

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Systems Dynamic Overview
Systems Dynamic may seem like just another difficult technical term; however, it can be a relatively simple concept to grasp and apply when explained in everyday terms. Systems are a part of your daily life whether you realize it or not. For example, all are a part of a family or maybe a member of a social group. Those relationships are influenced or impacted by choices and changes made within the group. These groups and relationships represent a system that can be dynamic and or complex at times; as many of us know from experience. Systems Dynamic from an organizational perspective simply examines and investigates the complex relationships that are or maybe impacted when change occurs internally and or externally in the system. Leaders can use this strategic approach which includes utilizing tools like diagrams, graphs, and simulation models, to pinpoint problematic issues and find resolutions. These tools support the decision-making process through analyses allowing consideration of a problem(s) through multiple scenarios. This method has limited risk and can enhance strategic alignment thus adding value and increased performance to the organization. This article focuses on changing your organizations current state to its preferred state utilizing one of systems dynamic
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However, with proper planning and in some cases, good policy and procedure the desired state is achievable. Utilizing the CLD diagram can be valuable in producing potential resolutions for the business sector issue. Specifically, the diagram will generate multiple scenarios without liability to leadership allowing them to consider implementing a resolution. The CLD in Diagram 2 represents the desired state of the healthcare industry through a balancing feedback loop that highlights the stable system which continuously attempts to close the gap between the current and desired

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