System Dynamics Model

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System dynamics is the theory of system structures, a theory that deals with the study of the causal interactions between the components which constitute the structure of a complex system. It is a modeling methodology for understanding and representing complex systems and analyzing their dynamic behavior (Forrester, 1961).
System dynamics modeling can be applied to large scale projects that belong to the class of complex dynamic systems and construction domain problems.
System dynamics has two interesting aspects: systemic study of the concept of feedback and dynamic study of system behavior. It shows how the structure of a feedback system and the loops that it contains are responsible for its dynamic behavior. It is a method that focuses
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Forrester (1961) developed four steps to create a system dynamics model. The first step is the articulation of the problem: defining the purpose of modeling and identifying the entities, interactions and behaviors to highlight. The second step is to describe the causal relationships between these entities, by building the causal (or influence) diagram. The third step corresponds to the introduction of stock variables and flow in the system by building a stock flow diagram. The fourth step is to formulate simulation…show more content…
The purpose of this step is to study the dynamic problem of risks impact on road construction project cost and time. A large body of literature indicated that cost and time overruns are significant problems faced by road construction projects. The risk factors that have impact on project objectives of road construction projects are identified. Causal loop diagrams in the model were used to describe the conceptual model structure derived from a modeler’s understanding of system and show the dynamic of variables involved in the system. Model boundaries were determined to provide the boundary and architecture of the model causal loop diagrams. The model causal loop diagrams indicate how the variables are related with each other in the system. Stock and flow diagrams were drawn from the causal loop

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