System Of Thought: A Close Analogy Between Palladio And Le Corbusier

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What Different Work Have to tell us about the Origin of System of Thought: A close Analogy between Palladio & Le Corbusier Architecture, like other arts and sciences, were shaped by environmental factors that defined and influenced the contribution of architects and their system of thought. Many scholars have studied different schools of architecture and looked up for the similarities, origins, influences, evolvement and differences. Every school of architecture has had its own characteristics that rhymed with the historical era and factors that shaped its outcome. Renaissance era has held a revolutionary approach on most of the arts and sciences; it led to great outcomes that are still cherished until now. When compared to other eras, the change in socio-economic factors is directly evident and reflected in architecture. If we compare the work of Palladio to Le Corbusier, we notice the change of system of thought in accordance with the historical background of each architect. Le Corbusier was part of modern architecture and his work reflected his background, whereas Palladio was an Italian renaissance architect who also sought to satisfy the needs of that era. The system of thoughts of the two architects was very different as each composed his work on different perspectives of structure, proportion, spatial composition and order. Precisely, the two architects have had different views on spatial composition whereas they agreed on proportions; the analogy between the

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