Systematic Observation Of Reading

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A twenty-minute systematic observation was conducted during reading. Andrew exhibited on-task behaviors 32% of the time and off-task behaviors 68% of the time. On-task behaviors included: worked with a partner; responded “Beverly Cleary” when the teacher asked him to tell her the title of the book they were reading; read out loud; answered comprehension questions on the story; asked the question “Do you have to get passes for all jobs?”; followed along in his book as his partner read out loud; sat on the couch when redirected; removed his necklace from his mouth when directed; read out loud, but made noises/moved back and forth/leaned back on the couch; turned the page as directed; returned to the couch after the teacher counted 3, 2…; listened as the teacher read out loud; responded appropriately when the teacher told him he had to finish the rest of the story; transitioned to the next activity; said “Oh Yeah” when the teacher informed him he was the exercise leader; and participated in the Everything is Awesome Noodle activity. Off-task behaviors included: rearranged his blue blanket as he held the book; moved back and forth on the couch; leaned forward/backward (multiple times); moved his hand through his hair; squirmed/fidgeted; reclined back with his legs on the edge on the couch, opened and closed them; moved his left hand in the air; placed his blanket over his torso/legs/head-entire body; got up and walked over to his partner (to see what page she was on); returned to the couch and placed his finger in his…show more content…
During the observation, Andrew exhibited on-task behavior 34% of the time and off-task behaviors 66% of the time. On-task behaviors included: headed his paper as directed (with head propped on arm); looked up at the board (moved back and forth); read the spelling words out loud with the boys as directed (listened to the girls read spelling

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