Systematic Observation Into The Classroom

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This podcast was about systematic observation with Dr. Van De Mars from the University of Arizona State. At the university level how is the university preparing their students to become future teachers for classroom management? Dr. Van De Mars explained throughout the students different educational classes, methods classes, clinic ales and student teaching the students should develop classroom management skills. It is an important part of preparing to becoming a teacher. Practice opportunities in clinical before student teaching. How can a current teacher use systematic observation to improve their teaching. First by commingling familiar to what systematic observation is. How can systematic observation be used as an reflection tool for classroom management? It can provide information on what happened in the lesson, guide the teacher on what he or she would change or keep the same. Looking at how time is spent, how much time spent in game play vs. instruction, amount of time spent practicing vs. standing in line. To access systematic observation, read literature. Look at Act of living web site for…show more content…
Systematic observation is a video analyses/ reflection tool, allows you to see what is going on in your classroom that you did not know existed. Two forms of systematic observation: time analysis which is interval coding, how much activity time, time spent giving instruction, warm up and lesson focus. Interaction form, how much interaction between male and female interaction, compare interaction with students based on race. Tools to implement systematic observation into your classroom: ask someone to video record you teaching, wireless mic that hooks up to camera, swivel (robotic mobile accessory) camera followed you around as you teach. Schools may have funds to provide equipment for observation. Dark fish easy tag app, analysis's skills and strategies that students use while playing a
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