Systematic Oppression Essay: The Murder Of Michael Brown

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America is a national melting pot. However, the nation is haunted by its evil history of the oppression of an entire race of people, known as American slavery. Even though this systematical form of oppression through slavery has been ridden, racial tensions in the nation are still prominent. Systematic oppression is apparent today through the police force, whose actions at times exhibits racial bias and targeting. Instances of racial hate crimes have occurred on multiple accounts throughout history. The shooting of Michael Brown raised many questions relating to the integrity of the police system. The jury’s decision to not indict the police who shot Brown with murder further ignited the issue of racial injustice in America. The location of the incident was in Ferguson,…show more content…
However, despite the popular belief that Wilson handled the situation correctly based of his side of the story, there are many inconsistencies in the shooting of Michael Brown. After Officer Wilson ordered the two young men to step foot on the sidewalk, he positioned his car to hinder Brown and Johnson’s walking pathway. What triggered Wilson to position his vehicle to block off Brown and Johnson with was that he saw that Michael Brown matched the description of the suspect who committed theft at the convenience store. So how did Officer Wilson say the situation was handled? Wilson opens his side of the story by claiming that once he spotted Brown and Johnson walking in the middle of the street, he peacefully told the two men, “ ‘Why don’t you guys walk on the sidewalk?’”(Mother Jones,209). However, Wilson’s story doesn't add up with witness Dorian Johnson’s account of what was said at the time. He draws attention to the fact that there is a disparity in Wilson’s word. According to Johnson, Officer Wilson allegedly rolled down his window and told them to “Get the fuck on the sidewalk”(Mother Jones). How did the situation further
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