Systematic Stretching Research Paper

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The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of three different protocols of warming up involving stretching on the kinematic performance of horizontal jumping, Agility and speed for trained athletes. The first protocol is doing ballistic stretching then static stretching exercises (BS-SS). The second protocol is doing static stretching then ballistic stretching exercises (SS-BS). The third protocol is doing soccer passing drills (SPD) for 10 minutes without stretching. The three protocols were applied after 5 minutes of running activities. Dependent variables included a horizontal jump, agility run, and 30-m sprint tests. Also speed, acceleration, and steps frequency were analyzed. This study was applied on 23 trained male
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Pre-exercise warm up protocols are commonly practiced, despite limited scientific evidence recommend and support one protocol over another. For this reason, warm up protocols vary according to the great variation of sport activities and tend to reflect the experience of individual trainers and athletes (7). Traditionally, the inclusion of warming up involving static-stretching exercises has been commonplace in a large number of sport activities. This stemmed from the belief that static stretching will lead to a better performance and decrease the risk of injury (4, 14, 13, 1, 12, 8). Although a joint is inherently capable of continued motion, the range of motion may still be limited by the resistance of the surrounding tissues which need to be stretched to their limit. This can be achieved either by applying external force (passively) or by moving a body (or a limb) (actively). When a limb moves ballistic, rapid, forceful, the achievable range may exceed that achieved by slow to moderate movement. Exercises that are performed rapidly by concentric contractions of the antagonist muscle group refer to the dynamic stretching (DS) training. The speed of this form of stretching ranges from slow (low momentum) to ballistic stretching (BS) (high momentum) (11). Ballistic stretching uses muscle contractions to force muscle elongation

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