Daddy's Little Girls Analysis

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‘Daddy’s little girls’ is a touching movie. The movie incites sadness in its viewers, the anguish felt by the protagonist and his children is one that many can identify with and understand. The central character Monty was an ambitious young man who grew up in an inner city community, he had three beautiful girls with is former partner, Jennifer. Monty’s daughters remained his priority throughout the movie and he fought tirelessly for the benefit of his children. Monty had to endure the selfishness of Jennifer, her poor parenting skills and her bad ill sense of judgement. The movie tells the story of his constant battle between Monty and Jennifer, over the custody of the children. In the first part of the movie, it was seen where Jennifer’s mother were caring for the girls when Monty went to work, unfortunately she died from complications with cancer, but not…show more content…
One major theory that can explain what they went through and why is; Von Bertalanffy’s General Systems Theory. The Systems theory suggests that all entities are systems made up of different subsystems and all belong to a super-system and all are influenced by each other. The theory can be applied to both social and biological systems and focuses on the whole rather than parts, as the theory states: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. The general systems theory focuses on two types of systems; the open system and the closed system. The open system is regularly used in social situations. Systems change, this is dependent on what happens across and within the boundaries. The theory comprises of a number of important concepts, these include: Input, throughput, output, Feedback loops and entropy. It is theorized that information received by an individual across a boundary, affects their thought processes and patterns cause a change in their
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