Systems Thinking Vs. System Thinking Approach

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There are many definitions of what a wicked problem is. One of them says - A wicked problem is a problem that is very difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize. Because of complex interdependencies, the effort to solve one aspect of a wicked problem may reveal or create other problems. Wicked implies something that's not exactly good but not totally bad either. Though there is a bit of a challenge but nothing disastrous. Every wicked problem is unique. Wicked problems raise large number of questions. For example - Is the problem unusual or common, is it resolvable or not, will anyone be able to help me and many more. Wicked problems have no stopping rule, as in…show more content…
System thinking approach is very useful in dealing with the problems of sustainability because this approach looks at the things from a broader perspective rather than seeing a shorter picture. Now-a-days system thinking has been used by various academicians and practitioners. System thinking has been founded by Professor Jay Forrester in 1956. There is a significant difference in the traditional thinking approach and system thinking approach. Traditional analysis approach focuses on what is being studied while system thinking approach looks for an interrelationship between the different constituents of the system. It cannot be denied that world is pacing towards industrialization and globalization. In this globalized era, the world needs to face several complexities in coming year. System thinking will help in dealing with those complex…show more content…
Sustainability challenges need to be solved in different manner. A system approach is helpful in finding an inter relationship between technology, human behavior and environmental impacts. In modern society there is a shift from computational thinking to system thinking. In Computational thinking there is the use of programming and algorithms to find the solution of each complex problem. We can see that there is one restriction or limitation with computer thinking that the computer professionals try to solve all the problems with the help of algorithms. However, there are certain problems which can’t be understood through algorithms. And for those problems complex system thinking has been

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