T-Bag Prison Break Analysis

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Sooner or later, we’ve all experienced fear; that inclination when your heart is hustling wild, your palms are sweating, you’re shy of breath and your digestive track goes into spasms. Dread has genuine impacts on the body, and these impacts are intended to protect us from danger. In everyday life, depending the situation, a little amount of fear or uncertainty can be helpful, in that it keeps us on our feet and motivated. In any case, when apprehension and weakness eclipse common sense flies out of the window, these unfortunate manners of thinking can cloud your judgments and keep you from understanding your goals. Fear can paralyze us from doing what we want to accomplish in life. “We are captives of our own identities living in prisons of…show more content…
In my opinion, I trust that here T-Bag in prison break is alluding to the invisible boxes that we people live in on a regular basis. We attempt to charm ourselves by letting ourselves believe that who we are. We keep ourselves from going up against new experiences because of the fear of being hurt. From what I understand of that quote, this arouse me to venture outside of my comfort zone to push myself to attempt new endeavour. Furthermore, I think what T-Bag was attempting to say was that we have a tendency to live in the pastt surrounded by every one of the oversights we have made instead of considering courses in which we can change and improve as a ‘us’. I didn’t think I lived in the past that is until I had time to meditate on who I am today. So my reflection will mainly focus the fear of failure with added topics from the book such as challenges, resilience, balance and…show more content…
It’s vital to understand that in all that we do, there’s a dependably a chance that we’ll come up short. Confronting that chance, and grasping it, it likewise gives us a fuller, all the more compensating life. However, they are ways to overcome fear as learned from the book. Many people experience fear of failure because they fear the unknown. Remove that fear by considering all of the potential outcomes of your decision. Have an alternate course of action – If I 'm afraid about coming up short at something, having an "plan B" set up can help me feel more certain about moving forward. The truth is, greatness starts off as a simple decision, deciding I want to be something more, that there is more to life than sitting back and watching it by. And so begins the process, without stopping for even a minute devoting myself to my objectives. Refusing to be discourages even thought the goals are currently out of reach. Its not an easy road that’s why most people quit. They can’t see the big picture; from its base the mountain appears too tall. Greatness is more than reaching the top, its every rock I climb from the bottom all the way
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