T-Bones Play Analysis

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On a hot sweltering evening my buddies and I drove to Tyngsboro for a round of mini golf at Maxes country Golf. Unfortunately due to dark and angry skies we sped up our pace through the course to beat the rain. After departing from Maxes we took a quick five minute drive to Hudson NH for dinner at the restaurant T-Bones. Don 't expect anything gourmet it 's just your good old fashion American style food. The wait staff was friendly patient and did not have a prissy air about them. At first I was thinking T- Bones was another copy cat version of cracker Barrel or outback I was dead wrong. you will not need to worry about seeing cardboard on the menu. T-Bones serves only good food, drinks and plenty of smiles. Nothing ruins a dinning experience more than a server with a nasty scowl and arrogant attitude. luckily we did not have to deal with any of that nonsense. The various food options that T-Bones offers will be sure satisfy the hungriest of patrons. Here is the play by play of our meals. First we began with a nice frosty brew to quench our thirst. The captain went for an IPA and me and Drizz had Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy 's. For our starter the waitress recommend the appetizer sampler. It included crispy onion rings, buffalo chicken egg rolls,Nachos with spinach artichoke dip (Espinachos), buffalo chicken…show more content…
Next we ordered our entrees. The captain chose the All- American a burger with bacon and cheddar cheese. Next I ordered the chicken tenders platter. The tenders were fried with a tempura style batter and served with fries and honey mustard dip on the side. Drizz selected the Caprese Burger, that is a 8oz beef patty seasoned with Italian herbs and spices with Fresh melted mozzarella cheese and basil piled on a toasted garlic butter roll with sun-dried tomato mayo. Our food arrived at the table piping hot and without any delays. I Would give T-bones a rating of 10 for good quality food, and for pleasant and accommodating
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