T. C. Williams 'Remember The Titans'

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Courage exists even in the midst of fear, but one cannot allow it to circumvent him or her from doing what is impartial and unbiased. Consequently, the warm and heart-stopping motion picture “Remember the Titans” depicts so eloquently the sacrifices one has to make to rear up firmly in support of their most cherished, morally sound views, and for some it initiates him or her to examine whether their principles are worth preserving. Thus, this delightful tale of tremendous victory against unprecedented probabilities is an excellent reminder that valor is a virtue that overpowers paralyzing fear. T.C. Williams, a recently integrated secondary school, successfully merged two high school football teams into one team, which became a persevering…show more content…
Although the concluding source of passing is ambiguous, one thing is perfectly and apparently discernible, that the premise of the unearned detention was from not extinguishing her cigarette as directed by Texas State Trooper Encinia after he halted her for not indicating a lane change. While casually perusing social media, one can readily unearth her final discourse fervently and passionately proclaiming that if Caucasians connect in the plight to preserve and cherish black lives, a necessary revamping of the enormously biased judicial system would transpire. As the arresting state trooper forcibly mishandled her, she affably expressed gratitude to a concerned, alarmed eyewitness for capturing that calamitous confrontation with the pugnacious and irascible state trooper. Hence, she was a strong and formidable advocate for the utilization of cellular phones and social media as catalysts to affect societal changes and effectively immobilize police brutality. Furthermore, some believe police officers silenced this once powerful activist indefinitely in that prison compartment, because from the initial encounter with the arresting officer and until her incarceration, she vocalized persistently with obscenities her rudimentary constitutional rights as a citizen. However, there are civilians who consider that her lack of respect and failure to submit to Texas State Trooper Encinia is justification for the undeserved apprehension, his ruthlessness, and callousness. Then three days after the unjustified imprisonment in the Waller County Texas jail, for reluctance to yield peacefully as commanded, Sandra perished, prayerfully this catastrophe and fatality will not be futile and will result in a proclamation of a
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