T Harv Eker: Why Wealthy People Are Poor

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Some people are wealthy while others are poor. You may be wondering how it is possible for someone to become rich and why it is not possible for others. If you are struggling to make both ends meet, you will often get such thoughts.

There are some secrets of success. The rich people have some mystical power that you cannot understand without proper knowledge. T Harv Eker helps you to get that knowledge so that you will change your ways and get the millionaire minds. Wealthy people have that mindset and that is the main reason why they could become wealthy.

Way of thinking could make great differences in your life. What separates the wealthy and successful people from the rest of the population is their millionaire mindset. You have conscious
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Your subconscious mind is full of ideas and beliefs that you have gathered from your childhood days. These ideas are very powerful and could even change the course of your life.

The mindset of wealthy people is explained in the book, millionaire minds. You need to practice a different attitude towards money. If you think that money is evil and it will be very hard earn money, this will surely be like that. You will have hard time acquiring wealth. You cannot get the success that you may expect.

There will be limitation in the path of your progress. Even though you put great efforts to reach your goal, unless you have a positive attitude towards money and wealth, you will not be able to reach the goal. You will always fall short on something in your life.

However, T Harv Eker shows you the path to success by altering your thoughts. You must take responsibility of everything happening in your life. You must blame others for your own problems. You must have strong belief that you can achieve anything in your life.

If you give attention to something it means that you are attracting it. Therefore focus on all positive things and your life will become positive. You will be able to get it
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