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T.J. Maxx is in a constant of looking for additional employees. This solution would be hard one. The store currently advocates they are hiring. Unfortunately, the promotions are only going on in the store walls. T.J. Maxx could do different promotions in drawing in additional employees. These promotions could be in the local newspaper, T.J. Maxx website, or through flyers. I feel like the more potential employees that see T.J. Maxx is hiring the better the store will find more employees. The disadvantage of T.J. Maxx hiring more employees would be the budget. T.J. Maxx would have to hire at least two additional workers per day to fulfill the extra register. Mrs. Haussler will see in the budget section I figured the hourly rate would be around nine dollars. This is a rough estimate. The additional employees would cost the store around $108 a day and around $756 a week. This would not include the time it would take to train in all the additional employees. I feel like this is not a feasible solution to the problem at hand with the recent store remodel. Solution 3. Implementing a self-checkout system The self-checkout system is the one I am proposing to Mrs. Haussler. I have done extensive research on this to provide Mrs. Haussler with the advantages of having a self-checkout…show more content…
An article on Business Bee’s website states, “Utilizing a self-checkout system can considerably cut back on cashiers because a single employee can monitor several kiosks at one time” (The Pros and Cons of Using Self-Checkouts). Typical cashiers tend to be high schoolers or college students. The age of cashiers and lack of experience means the store does not have to spend a lot of money on additional cashiers. However, the budget as stated previously would require the store to spend almost eight hundred dollars each week on the additional cashiers. The self-checkout systems would demolish the additional

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