T-Ray The Bad Guy Analysis

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Lots of times we would consider T-ray the bad guy. It is very easy to point fingers at him and say he was the worst. But in these situations we never know the full story. The reason they got married is because she found out she was pregnant with T-ray’s daughter. These are very extreme situations that many times we do not want to be in. They can be very stressful and make us make all the wrong decisions in life. Of course T-ray was a bad father, he was not prepared. It is both their fault for not using protection. Either of them would have thought about it. So they both put themselves in that situation. And many of those times those marriages do not work. I sympathize because not many people understand the position he was in. I am able to understand…show more content…
When we get mad we often yell at someone we love and say very hurtful things. In Trays positions he hated lots of things. He hated how his wife did not love him. He hates that he is stuck being a single parent. It is not an easy life at all. And we do not even know the rest, he could be having a hard time in his jobs. We have to take into consideration everything he is going through. Not only a small fraction we can see. And another thing we do not consider were lily's actions. For all we know, maybe she was not the best kid there was. Maybe she was a big trouble maker and we did not know it. We can not decipher that from just a little book. And T-ray was actually in love with deborah. He had strong feelings for her, but she did not. She only married him because of a kid. It is hard to make a marriage work when only one person would have love for the other. That is another way I start to feel bad for T-ray. He went into a marriage being the only person who was willing to give love. If Deborah loved T-ray this could of been a whole different story. I would she made a big mistake going into a marriage without any love. There were plenty of other options. There is always a way

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